Kiddy Ride

Product Summary

  1. LCD screen that provides ranfe of children’s animation and song thus can educate children to sing along.
  2. Compact in size and low in power consumption.
  3. Generous and deluxe appearance with up-to-date style, bright colour, non-fading, durable, solid and reliable.
  4. Adjustable pricing and programming (duration of the rocking motion and changeable children’s video program and music)

Product Specification

  • Size(W*L*H)(cm): ~ 80*150*100 (space taken same as massage chair)
  • Voltage:110v/220v
  • Weight : 80kg~200kg
  • Power: 180W (same as watching LED TV)
  • Motor provide rocking motion: front, back, left and right at the same time
  • Material: fibre glass
  • Electronic coin acceptor with coin counting function and timer device (Accept token or coin with size: Diameter 18-30mm, thickness 1.2-3mm and rejecting fake coins)
  • Adjustable combination of pricing and playing time (From 1~4 coins, Maximum 16 choices, such as one coin can play one minute and two coin can play three minutes, etc)
  • High resolution LCD screen (display Video program and beautiful music)
  • MP4 control box (can change any lovely/popular video program easily)
  • Provide wheels below the machine (make it easily portable to anywhere)

Product Locations

Our kiddy ride products are suitable to put at these location:

  • Shopping Mall
  • Supermarket
  • Community Centre
  • Food court
  • Shop houses
  • Kids retail shop
  • Amusement Centre
  • Party event